Reviews vs. Testimonials

I Have Testimonials. Why Do I need Reviews? A Testimonial on your Website is wasted Real Estate. People don’t want to read a page on your website full of “supposed” Testimonials about how great your business is. Let’s be honest. Do you believe websites that copy and paste those? However, we do tend to believe “Reviews” that are left by REAL users on Amazon, Google, and Yelp, for the most part. Do you know the difference between a “Review and a Testimonial”

A review is a user’s opinion about their personal experience with your product or service written in the first person. A testimonial is a statement, or endorsement, about the skills of the provider in the eyes of the client or customer. The user may not have enough knowledge about the skills of the provider, so the validity of a testimonial is almost never and valid as a candid first-person review from the client about what they personally experienced.

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